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Task elearning elearning solutions to improve employee. Sakhr is represented by sakhr wholly owned companies or branded affiliates in egypt, kuwait, oman, qatar and washington dc area. Established in japan in january 1998, netlearning now provides courseware on a wide variety of educational subjects for almost any kind of business field. We offer comprehensive programs tailormade to the various needs of a diverse range of companies, providing the ultimate strategic corporate.

Sakhr is headquartered in the uae and has offices throughout the middle east and the us. Explore 9 websites and apps like learnyst, all suggested and ranked by the alternativeto user. Sakhr mt is the worlds most accurate, due to decades of natural language processing research nlp on the arabic language and its complexities. It deals with products for the middle east in egovernance, education, wireless, and security. Sakhr optical character recognition ocr converts scans of arabic printed. Learnit students now have the option to attend all public classes virtually. Arabic software american association of teachers of arabic. Edumagics arabic language distance learning program. Please contact an instructor directly with any questions regarding course content. In mena, governments and organizations face the challenge of. Sakhr, the worlds leading arabic software company, develops software specifically. In this lesson, learn how to sketch and outline a basic heart and arrow. Identer please enter your id and password and press enter. Sakhr software is the only middle eastbased company to develop a comprehensive suite of arabic nlpbased software solutions to solve realworld it challenges within and beyond the gcc.

Learn with the same expert instructor and highly engaging and interactive approach to training as our inperson classesfrom the. Established in japan in january 1998, netlearning now provides courseware on a wide variety of. Sakhr s professional services organization includes business consultants, engineers, and language experts to deliver customized services and solutions. Are you a beginner artist looking for simple graphic to start out with. Task elearning developes elearning courses, training manuals, standard operating procedures, business presentations and other forms of technical documentation in elearning formats used in corporate. Digitized voice, printed words, and graphics provide an effective presentation of material.

Please keep up to date on all of the posted course materials. Sakhr has a distinguished client base across the gcc, north africa, north america and europe. Once you have logged in, you will find resources for all of your enrolled courses here. Asknlearn learning management system lms has more than 100 elearning tools and administrative functions that allow you to customise to your schools requirement. Sakhr mt is a hybrid engine that optimizes rulesbased and statisticalbased processes to achieve rapid, highest accuracy translation. Popular alternatives to learnyst for web, software as a service saas, windows, mac, iphone and more.

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