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Trying to pull out of the negative mood of the last couple weeks podcasts, malderor decided not to play any more antifascist anthems, and instead try to play songs by, from, and about artists in the bay area. Double image by simon frank, released 01 july 2014 1. Neon gods of lost youth by dirty beaches, released 21 may 2014 1. Celebrate earth day with these outstanding films and. Alpine decline free maybe mars compilations of tracks. Conclusionintroduction downloaded conclusion introduction. Gravity works is the first full album from mexican space doomsters vinnum sabbathi. Really awesome gothypop in the vein of the velvets but not derivative. The digital edition includes two tracks available for immediate download and streaming with preorders of the album, plus two bonus track remixes. Bom shanka musics psychedelic mission is to bring you the cream of underground psytrance designed to make you move. They accomplished a three cities tour hangzhou, shanghai, nanjing in september, 2010, meanwhile changing some members.

Spectacles lp via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more. Free personal radio that learns from your taste and connects you to others who like what you like. I wasnt there, but i did get to pen a little thing in the festival program about mr. The offset the offset came together in the fall of 2005 with founding members mike richards, and burd boonyoo.

For those wanting to take a punt without risking any dough, free downloads of some live. Turbo by gerry mark norton, released 04 july 2015 1. We release experimental and contemporary sound works. The set is produced and arranged by dave darling, who has worked with glen campbell, brian setzer and tom waits, among others. No more hkv all songs by simon frank recorded by dan miller in south london, june 2015 mixed by jon du in taipei, april 2016 cover photo by kun liang chinese title by tom ng whats the point. Combining stunning national geographic natural history footage with an original symphony and theme, created by emmy and baftanominated bleeding fingers music featuring composers austin fray and andrew christie, symphony for our world is a breathtaking musical journey through some of the worlds most incredible wildlife spectacles. Includes unlimited streaming via the free bandcamp app, plus high. A judge in the bombay high court in india has ruled against streaming and download service wynk in its longrunning licensing dispute with record company tips industries. One important forerunner to the current tape scene is the label rose mansion analog, which released its first batch in june 2010. The spectacle texas based politically charged metal band the spectacle create an another hard hitting album with musical grooves and well conveyed important messages.

Gravity works describes the relationship between gravity and human exploration, from the state of weightlessness experienced and recorded by astronauts and the historic achievements of russian and american scientists during the space age to the ultimate collapse of the entire universe described by asimov in. Kintsugi by ultraklystron, released 09 january 2019 1. The blunt club celebrates its 15th anniversary in a month whose other local highlights include. Includes unlimited streaming via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality downloads of our simulacra, dormant movement 1 through 7, piety of ashes, abliss, compositions for piano, solar one, nothing is real, hardscrabble, and 11 more. A few years ago, a chinese group called the offset. But instead of relying on ufos, secret societies, or holy grail mythologies, sten offers us something immediate, something largely divorced from.

Fascist occultism conveys on its believer a weighty gnosis, an inarguable place in the spectrum of right and wrong, and the greatest success of occulting disk comes from offering the same to those who oppose fascisms infernal machinations. The songs on out of sight are all culled from the public domain. Who needs a drummer when the rest of your rhythm section works as hard as this, chugging and grinding along just like sister ray says. Unfortunately, these ladies are lacking the tension in those bands. Rock n roll music originally released as a 7 by goodbye boozy records gb 79 june 24, 20 has three different covers. Spectacles is a natural articulation of their debordian situationism, where music is stripped of how it should look or. They are purveyors of great musical innovation, storytellers without words and as close to rock music as sigur ros are to the beatles. Select individual tracks or enjoy the remastered versions. You really want to see my streaming music royalty statements.

Dirty beaches is the stage name of taiwanese canadian musician alex hungtai zhang. Music and dance in concrete is a new vinyl and download release made up of excerpts from a sitespecific work that horvitz composed for fort worden, a. In what makes for a pounding, primal experience, the psychgarage sludge of beijingbased hong kong band the offset. Its truly one of the most unique spectacles ive seen in a. The boring, 5 pieces punkhardcore band, eastern france. The keyboardistcomposer has worked in a stunningly eclectic range of situations and seems to possess the unique ability to fold virtually everything he hears into his own musical vision. The people at shea stadium up in brooklyn do a really cool thing where the record all the live shows that happen there and then post them to their website. Music for an exhibition is a live document best written about as a static image. Songs tackle such topics as our dependency on consumer products, our obsession with fashion and a selfish style of life that we are all addicted to. David birchall tongues ep digital album bandcamp gotta give you a sound of the air as you dash together in the heart of the sap through each other, inviting along excon and gentlemen, your eruption for ease. But instead of admitting that manufactured crises are the catalyst for getting anything done, we are instead treated to spectacles that congress can watch on tv and feel important again.

Learning to swim upstream, releases 27 january 2018 1. Solitude is every mans friend and doom is his lullaby. Muncie girls muncie girls are a punk rock band from exeter, uk. They bring a mix of skate and ska punk with metal and hip hop influences. Ulvesang is a darkfolkneofolk band from canada inspired by nature, animals, folklore, struggles with mental illness, and melancholy. Theres blood on the pavement, helicopters overhead and a racist shouting over the fence. Streets kill strange animals formed in 2008 and brought their experimentalnoise music performances to many venues in beijing and impressed quite a few audiences. Jango is about making online music social, fun and simple. Sirenlike synths that will sound familiar to oldschool odd future fans and frantic, uneasy drum beats are offset by dreamy strings and jazzy improv, melding flower boys 14 tracks into a. His third album badlands was released by zoo records in 2011.

A grammy nominated artist shares his royalty statements. Wrong one to fuck with by dying fetus, released 23 june 2017 1. Avantlard avantlard is a blog by zachary devereux fairbrother. Spectacles here are 3 previously unreleased tracks written roughly around 20062012. Includes unlimited streaming via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more. Bandcamp support is experiencing an unusually high volume of emails from our wonderfully successful friday covid19 fundraiser for artists and our responses may take an extra few days. Literally zero reason not to download this sucker right now and dunk your head in independent chinese music for an hour. Mr mars rock n roll music 7 by lantern, released 04 july 20 1. For the most part, kim ki o play pleasant, slightly dark bedroom wave. My download code is invalid or has already been redeemed. The annual cropped out music festival just wrapped up in louisville, ky this past weekend. Includes unlimited streaming of homage via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more.

It is a protracted story but, in brief, tips and wynk had failed to agree licensing terms back. The offset has played shows from richmond va, up to baltimore md. The main thing is that the song has to feel natural and legitimate for me to sing. Bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more.

If asked to define one single quality you look for in a song to sing, what might that quality be. Rose mansion was influential to a number of tape labels that came after it. The spectacle burn the evidence, released 01 july 2015 1. All hell the witchs grail, released 07 june 2019 1. Shawn also runs a podcast, pick a side stupid, which is also a weekly live comedy debate show that takes place in quincy, mass right across town from where we live where two comedians are posed a question and then they improv a response. Indie band from pennsylvania, united states, earth, milky way, reality.

Quite simply, its just so good, a gloriously sideways take on perpetual velvet undergroundstyle strum with minimal percussion, guitars working overtime on rhythm as well as melody, supremely catchy but also dark and inscrutable. Spectacles released one of my favorite albums of the decade. Bill direen, who came from new zealand to play a set there. Includes unlimited streaming of humid music via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more. The lineup was completed with bassist jonny franks, and drummer ken yang. The following comes from armen chakmakian, a grammynominated composer, keyboardist, and recording artist. Khruangbin craft atmosphere music that never fades.

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