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Loctite 262 threadlocker high strength page 6 of 6 disclaimer. Tds loctite 262, december2009 general information this product is not recommended for use in pure oxygen andor oxygen rich systems and should not be selected as a sealant for chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials for safe handling information on this product, consult the material safety data sheet msds. Parts must be closelyfitted metal surfaces in order to assure effective sealing and bonding of the assembly. Exposure controls personal protection employers should complete an assessment. Share the required details, so we can get in touch with you. Loctite 262 high strength milspec red threadlocker is a permanent threadlocker for fasteners up to 34 20 mm in diameter.

Our experts are dedicated to optimizing processes, driving costs down by developing products that improve. Technical data sheet loctite nonflammable electronic. Loctite 243 is a medium strength, blue threadlocking adhesive that seals and secures metal nuts and bolts to prevent loosening due to shock and vibration. Loctite 262 threadlocking methacrylate adhesive henkel. The data contained herein are furnished for information only and are believed to be reliable.

Shipments will resume from 15th april 2020 cod orders are not being accepted have a query or need support. Your new online msds binder is a place for you to store the material safety data sheets. However, henkel corporation and its affiliates henkel does not assume responsibility for any results obtained by persons over whose methods henkel has no control. Loctite is the trusted choice for highperformance adhesive, sealant and coating solutions for manufacturing segments across the globe. Name on list application area route of exposure health effect. Exposure controls personal protection employers should complete an. For your local loctite adhesives and sealants specialist, the nearest authorized. Loctite 262 high strength threadlocker sds nobbys slsc. After removing from the solvent, each specimen was wiped dry and allowed to stand for 30 minutes prior to testing.

For high strength structural bonds, remove surface. Nescrp04092i evaluate the performance of loctite as a. Product selector industrial adhesive, sealant and functional coating solutions. Exposure controls personal protection employers should complete an assessment of all workplaces to determine the need for, and selection of, proper exposure. Designed for securing parts that must withstand heavy shock, vibration, or extreme chemical or environmental conditions. Steel fixture time is 15 min, brass 8 min and stainless steel 180 min. Assemble parts in accordance with standard practice. The percentage weight % ww of ingredients is not to be taken as a specification guaranteed by. Identification of the material and supplier product name. To see more msds documents from our industryleading safety data sheet sds database use our msds. Loctite 262 loctite products loctite, henkel loctite. Formerly known as material safety data sheets, phac now refers to them as pathogen safety data sheets or psdss.

Loctite threadlocker red 271 page 4 of 5 hazardous components health effectstarget organs polyglycol dimethacrylate irritant, allergen. The following table shows the effects of the product on samples. This material safety data sheet contains changes from the previous version in sections. Loctite 262 threadlocker high strength page 3 of 5 8. Henkels loctite is the trus ted choice for engineering, highperformance adhesive. Loctite 262 technical data sheet please allow a moment to load our goal is to be a technical resource for our customers and to provide accurate and current information. Msds for loctite 242, threadlocker medium strength, may 2009 disclaimer. Loctite 262 is a red, general purpose, medium to high strength, thixotropic methacrylatebased adhesive. Loctite 3515 meets the highest standards of reliability and environmental resistance, such as hydrolytic stability testing to ipctm650 2. Loctite products are used in objects that touch lives every day from aircrafts to furniture.

Safety data sheet according to regulation ec no 19072006. Loctite nonflammable electronic contact cleaner is compatible with most metals, many plastics and elastomers. Loctite 243 threadlocker medium strength henkel adhesives. Loctite 222 threadlocker low strength henkel adhesives. The data contained herein are furnished for information only and are. Loctite r 242r threadlocker medium strength page 6 of 6 disclaimer. Excess adhesive can be dissolved with loctite cleanup solvents, nitromethane or acetone.

Get a free sample delivered to your business address. There are some features on our websites that may not work without cookies. Ideal for applications where any migration of the adhesive must be prevented. For safe handling information on this product, consult the material safety data, note the data contained herein are furnished for information only and are believed to be reliable. Kyra kozak woods, manager, regulatory affairs disclaimer. This product may be covered by one or more united states or.

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